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MEPs call on the Commission to present final ACTA text as soon as possible

[ 4. října 2010 | Autor: Zuzana Roithová ]

Following the Commission's announcement on Friday that negotiations on an international anti-counterfeiting trade agreement (ACTA) have been concluded, and the contradicting remarks by other parties, MEPs Stavros Lambrinidis (Parliament VP, S&D, Greece), Francoise Castex (S&D, France), Zuzana Roithova (EPP, Czech Republic) and Alexander Alvaro (ALDE, Germany), who have been spearheading the effort for full transparency of the negotiations, released the following statement:

"These contradictory remarks highlight exactly what is wrong with treating matters of such importance and sensitivity beneath a veil of secrecy. It appears that there is no credible way of knowing whether the negotiations are actually concluded or not. 

In case the agreement has indeed been initialled, we demand from the Commission to present the final ACTA text to the European Parliament as soon as it is procedurally possible. It is the Parliament that will ultimately have to decide on rejecting or accepting the agreement, and a complete and thorough briefing of its Members is now more urgent than ever.

Accordingly, we also call on Council and Commission not to proceed to any provisional application of the agreement, before the European Parliament has been given the chance to express its consent on the issue".

The four MEPs were the co-signers of bipartisan Written Declaration 12, adopted last month by the European Parliament, calling for full transparency of the negotiations on ACTA and full respect of privacy rights of European citizens. 


Contact details:

VP Stavros Lambrinidis: Sofia ASTERIADI +32498981371 e-mail sofia.asteriadi@europarl.europa.eu and  stavros.lambrinidis-office@europarl.europa.eu  http://www.lambrinidis.gr 

Françoise Castex: Raphaël DELARUE +32486359463 e-mail francoise.castex@europarl.europa.eu http://www.francoisecastex.org/

Alexander Alvaro: Marton KOVACS: +32 2 28 37328 e-mail marton.kovacs@europarl.europa.eu and alexander.alvaro@europarl.europa.eu http://www.alexander-alvaro.de/

Zuzana Roithova: Jiri JIRSA +32485949099 e-mail zuzana.roithova@europearl.europa.eu  http://www.roithova.cz

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