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Informační portál europoslankyně MUDr. Zuzany Roithové na ochranu dětí před nebezpečnými výrobky a službami

od 14.9.2005


EU Strategy for Africa

Mrs. Roithova, member of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly ACP-EU, welcomes the  European Commission´s  proposal for a new EU Strategy for Africa which was adopted on 12th October 2005.
[ 25. října 2005 | Autor: ]
The Strategy suggests a framework for action for all EU Member States and the European Commission to support Africa’s efforts to attain the UN Millennium Development Goals. The adoption was followed by a joint meeting between the European Commission and the Commission of the African Union. The EU Strategy for Africa proposes a strategic partnership for security and development between the European Union and Africa for the coming decade. The strategy follows the decisions by the European Council in June to provide more and better development aid, to increase the speed of implementation and to focus aid in particular on Africa. The strategy focuses on key requirements for sustainable development such as peace and security, good and effective governance, trade, interconnectivity, social cohesion and environmental sustainability.  In addition, it reaffirms the commitment to increase EU aid to Africa and to improve aid effectiveness.


            Some concrete programs proposed in this strategy include:


  • Financial help; at least 50% of the additional annual budget made available for development aid by 2010 will go to Africa. EU Aid to Africa will increase by two-thirds from 17 billion EUR in 2003 to a total of 25 billion EUR / year in 2010 (approx. figures);


  • Budgetary support which will increasingly be used to implement development projects faster and strengthen African ownership;


  • Coordination among EU donors should be strengthened through concrete initiatives proposed in the Strategy; in this sense, it proposes to elaborate an Action Plan in 2006 enabling progress on issues such as Joint Programming.


  • Coherence with other policy areas such as trade, agriculture, fisheries and migration will be strengthened.


  • Twinning partnerships between universities, schools, municipalities, businesses, parliaments and civil society;


  • Creation of a pan-European voluntary service for young people with skills to share who are interested in Africa’s development;


  • Building on the experience and success of the Erasmus programme, a similar programme for student exchange between Africa and Europe will be examined.


EU Strategy for Africa: Towards a Euro-African  pact to accelerate Africa’s development {SEC(2005)1255}
More info: www.europa.eu.int/comm

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