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Koptové: "Naga Hammadi bishop claims Copts were blocked from polling stations "

[ 20. března 2011 | Autor: ]

Father Kirollos, bishop for the city of Naga Hammadi in Upper Egypt, said Copts were prevented from voting at some polling stations during the public referendum on proposed constitutional amendments on Saturday.

Church sources had said that the Coptic Church rejects the constitutional amendments and is calling for a new Constitution.

Pope Shenouda III cast his vote but declined to say whether he voted in favor of the amendments or not.

Coptsunited.com, an internet website close to the Church, cited Father Kirollos as saying that the closure of many polling stations in areas with large Coptic populations is a "scandal."

He added that Naga Hammadi Copts went to vote, especially in Abu Tesht, only to find the doors of polling stations closed, in what he described as an attempt to block Coptic votes.

When the officials supervising the polling stations found a high Coptic turnout at 8AM, they closed the stations and left, he claimed. Coptic voters were unable to file a complaint with the armed forces. He added that at some polling stations voting cards did not carry the necessary stamps and were therefore void.

The polling station in Bahgoura -- where 70 percent of the residents are Copts -- was closed, he said, adding that at some polling stations Muslims were given more than one voting card.


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