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poslankyně Evropského parlamentu
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Koptové: "Did the Copts Miscalculate in Egyptian Elections?"

[ 19. března 2011 | Autor: Lee Smith ]

Cairo -- Polling places are packed today as Egyptians are casting their votes to ratify six amendments to the country’s constitution in what may be Egypt’s freest and fairest election ever. Because the military is running the show, penalties are stiff for voter fraud, and very few seem tempted to risk a second trip to the ballot box more than once in exchange for a 2-5 year prison sentence. Moreover, the fact that Egyptians are eager to display their sense of civic responsibility means that the lines are long and no one wants to wait to vote upwards of an hour twice.

Some preliminary exit polls suggest that  “yes” votes are carrying the day, which is certain to please the country’s Islamist factions, in particular the Muslim Brotherhood. Since the Brotherhood is Egypt’s most organized political outfit, they stand to benefit most from a quick progression to the next stage of Egypt’s political process, parliamentary elections, where they could pick up 30% of the seats. The military, eager to get out of the spotlight, also seeks “yes” on the referendum, with the revolution’s other factions seeking a “no,” in order to refer the constitution to another, still undecided, procedure, which will give them more time to prepare for parliamentary elections. 

Zdroj: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/copts-exhibit-dismal-political-instincts-egyptian-elections_554844.html

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