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Informační portál europoslankyně MUDr. Zuzany Roithové na ochranu dětí před nebezpečnými výrobky a službami

od 14.9.2005

Curriculum vitae

Zuzana Roithová was born on January 30, 1953. After graduating from secondary school, she was accepted to Charles University's Faculty of General Medicine, where she completed her studies in 1978. During her training at a hospital in Beroun, the Motol Teaching Hospital (1979-1985), and the Vinohrady Faculty Hospital (1985-1992), she completed her I and II level postgraduate study in the field of MD- Radio-Diagnosis. In 1992, she took a course in health sector management, organised by the HOPE project of the Wharton University, USA, and acquired a certificate in Executive Health Care Management. In 1994-1997, she studied long-distance at the Sheffield Hallam University and graduated with a Master of Business Administration.

Mrs. Roithová was the co-founder of the Czech Association of Hospitals where she held the positions of chairperson and deputy chairperson since 1991. During the 650th anniversary of the foundation of Charles University in 1998, she was honoured with the Charles University Jubilee Medal for her contributions to the co-operation between the Royal Vinohrady Faculty Hospital and the medical faculties of Charles University.

From the year 1990 to December 1997, she headed the Royal Vinohrady Faculty Hospital. In January 1998, she was appointed Czech Health Minister under Prime Minister Tosovsky's government. After the June parliamentary elections, when a new government was formed, she returned to the post of director of the Royal Vinohrady Faculty Hospital in July 1998. She held the post until November 1998, leaving it to become Senator for the Prague 10 district.

In the Senate, Mrs. Roithová was active in three main fields - the health sector, the non-profit sector, and the Czech Republic's entry to the European Union. In her first term, she was a member of the Committee for European Integration, where she was responsible for health issues, social policy, consumer protection, employment, and EU institutions. In December 2000, she was elected Chairperson for the Senate's Health and Social Policy Committee for another two-year term. Since December 2002, she was vice-chair of the Health and Social Policy Committee, a member of the Senate's permanent Commission for the Czech Constitution and Parliamentary Procedures, and a member of the permanent delegation of the Czech Parliament to the WEU (A temporary assembly for European security and defence).

In the June 2004 parliamentary elections, she became a Member of the European Parliament. She is a member of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) -- European Democrats. Ms. Roithova was elected Vice-Chairwoman of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection, and she is a substitute member for the Committee on International Trade (since February 2005) and the Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality. From July 2004 to February 2005, she was a substitute member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy. She is also active in the Delegation to the ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific countries) - EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly.

Mrs. Roithová was the KDU-ČSL Deputy Chairperson from May 2001 to November 2003. She is also a member of the KDU-ČSL National Assembly. Since 2000, she has been a member of the European Movement of the Czech Republic, which is part of the International European Movement based in Brussels. She chaired this movement from March 2000 to March 2002.

From December 2002 to July 2005, she chaired the administrative board of the Hospital of the Merciful Sisters of St. Karel Boromejsky. A number of changes were made under her management. These included expanded rehabilitation care, the foundation of a Christian gynaecology guidance centre, as well as the foundation of the first detoxication centre for drug-abusing youth and children around the country, which was established in accordance with the anti-drug strategy of the EU.

Mrs. Roithova was reelected to the European Parliament in June 2009. She has been the head of the Czech national delegation to the European People´s Party (EPP) Group since then. She has served on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee and the delegation to the ACP- EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly for two terms. Mrs. Roithova is currently a Substitute Member for the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, the Committee on Women´s Rights and Gender Equality, and the Subcommittee on Security and Defense.

In 2013, Mrs. Roithova participated in the presidential elections in the Czech Republic as one of nine candidates. In May 2013, she was elected vice-president of the Christian-Democratic Party-Czechoslovakian Peoples Party that forms as one of the coalition parties currently in the government of the Czech Republic.

Zuzana Roithová is married, has one son and two grandsons.

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